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We Deliver Amazing Learning Experiences

EDCentral remind individuals of their skills and abilities and gives them the confidence to apply them in the real world.

We do this by going beyond the typical learning experience. Our workshops are designed to reflect the real world, so that what you learn can be used immediately.

As people learn more effectively by 'doing', we use online technology via digital dynamic case studies and business software to enhance both the technical and the soft skills of our clients. Our digital case studies (or simulations) use current world business problems and issues to offer you a realistic and meaningful learning tool.

We want people to immediately and effectively transfer their learnings from our workshops to their personal and professional lives.   

what we offer

Our Products and Services

Training and Development Solutions

EDCentral offers a great range of solutions to your training needs. 

Our workshops are suitable for students, working professionals and corporations and are constantly revised to maintain relevance to the market. 

We are very happy to tailor our workshops to match your specific requirements.

Solutions for universities

EDCentral offers the latest in Business Education Software to Universities and other education ínstitutions.

Our Business Simulations and Assessment Software is suitable for both Undergrad and Postgrad programmes,

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Blog / Articles

Thoughts And Opinions


Over time, EDCentral has developed a network of fascinating people and organisations and through this network we have gained knowledge, insights, experience.

Our articles highlight important or current issues that we think will have an impact on business and people.

We hope you enjoy reading this material and that it stimulates your thinking and your drive to learn more.

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