Welcome to EDCentral.

We want to work and collaborate with those individuals and organisations that understand that for future success, you must think and act differently. As the future is constantly changing, so must so thinking and actions evolve.

As a result, we have created a space where different people can come together to meet, discuss, reflect, and to learn for the future.

We are driven by the thought of Awaken – Inspire – Model

We want to Awaken the thirst to think, to learn and to improve. We want you to be aware of what you know now and how you need to adapt for the future.

We want to Inspire ourselves and those around us to continue thinking, learning and improving.

We want to Model our actions and thoughts to create sustainable professional and personal attitudes and behavior.

We hope that you will join us on our journey as we AIM for the future.

EDCentral provides our clients with high quality learning options for personal and career development. We offer courses that address both fundamental and contemporary issues, and our courses are always topical and relevant.

Our training rooms have the latest presentation and learning equipment and aids and are designed for small groups to provide a personal and friendly learning experience.


David Knock

David Knock is an Australian CPA with post graduate qualifications in Applied Finance, TESOL and Adult Education. He has over 30 years’ experience working in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, adult vocation education, hospitality, and Government. David has been developing courses and lecturing to University undergraduate and post Graduate students for over 10 years.
David is now focused on helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and managers to develop their careers.

Nicole Knock

Nicole Knock. MEd has been working in the education profession for over 25 years, as a Teacher, Manager, Resource/Training officer, Director and Consultant. Nicole has worked in both Australia where she is from, and in Vietnam for over 14 years.
She has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), a Masters in Education (Special Education), and a Masters in Education (Studies of Asia).