TeamMATE is an online, self-directed evaluation tool that provides the easiest and most effective way to measure and develop teamwork skills.

The Team Assessment measures five dimensions of team-level effectiveness -
✶ Confidence,
✶ Cooperation,
✶ Coordination,
✶ Cohesion &
✶ Conflict

and four dimensions of individual-level behavior -
✶ Preparation,
✶ Execution,
✶ Monitoring and
✶ Adjustment.

The creators of TeamMate say it best - please visit the Capsim Website and view the video

advantages - Universities

✶ Gain a clear understanding of the student's current level of soft skills

✶ Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the entire group of students

✶ Provide their students with a clear road map to improve their soft skills

✶ Provide faculty with reliable, consistent, repeatable data to identify areas for curriculum intervention or improvement


✶ An intuitive, fun and engaging learning experience.

✶ Allows the students to have a better understanding of their current level range of advance soft skills 

✶Students give and receive anonymous feedback from their team members

✶Provide the students with data to allow them to prepare for a career in business

✶ Create a Independent Development Plan for themselves to improve areas of need.

Varies = depending upon the scenario

Target Audience
All teams - undergraduate and postgrad students and commercial teams 

Course Documentation
User Guide
Administrator Guide

Device Required (Laptop Preferred)

Online, delivered on-demand 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss how this software could assist your students and University.