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Capsim is providing a free CapsimInBox soft skill evaluation trial.

Gain valuable feedback that will help you in your interviews or your job.


Individuals are immersed in a role at a virtual company and must choose what they believe are the best responses to various real-world scenarios.

Responses indicate proficiency levels on the skills being measured, such as communicating, problem solving, prioritizing, managing talent, generating solutions and many more.

Benefits for You

Real World Scenarios

  • CapsimInbox bridges the gap of theory and application by giving participants the chance to apply important concepts and skills to real-world scenarios.

Developmental Feedback

  • Participants receive tailored and objective developmental feedback based on their performance.

Improvement of Key Skills

  • Based on the feedback participants can develop their own improvement plan to enhance their skills further.

Exciting Learning Experience 

  • Participants enter a familiar environment that feels like their favorite email client—creating an intuitive, fun and engaging learning experience.

Choose 1 Scenario

As the Director of Sales and Operations for a medium-sized company,  you are presented with a variety of scenarios are designed to measure students' general management skills


As an Associate Principal for a management consulting firm, you are presented with a variety of scenarios designed to measure students' people management skills