Business Simulation

CapsimCore is an excellent entry level simulation that combines flexibility with simplicity. It provides a complete foundation to introduce learners to fundamental business concepts and techniques.

Students manage a company and are expected to plan strategy and make decisions in 4 departments - R & D, Marketing, Production and Finance. They will be competing against other teams (student or virtual) over 8 years. 

The creators of CapsimCore say it best - please visit the Capsim Website and view the CapsimCore video

advantages - Universities

✶ Provide students with a modern and engaging learning environment

✶Provide students with an environment for the  experiential  learning of business fundamentals

✶The ability to automate entire departments and decisions allows you to create a focused teaching experience

✶ The automated debrief tool highlights critical information and allow the facility to provide timely .feedback.


✶ An intuitive, fun and engaging learning experience.

✶Students have a safe environment to learn and practice their business acumen.

✶ CapsimCore's notification system provides students with real-time feedback and assistance with their decisions

✶Provide the students with data to allow them to prepare for a career in business

Varies - depending upon the program

Target Audience
Undergraduate students or Introductory courses

Course Documentation
User Guide
Administrator Guide
End of Chapter quizzes

Device Required (Laptop Preferred)

Online, delivered on-demand 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss how this software could assist your students or your University.