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Experiential learning is “learning through doing.”

Experiential learning allows learners to obtain knowledge and practice essential skills and enables them to translate these skills and knowledge to real world situations.

Experiential learning is tailored for a new generation of learners who learn best by engaging and using innovative tools like business simulations.

Business simulations allows learners to practice skills, solve problems, and make decisions that will parallel their role in the workforce. The learners will understand what works and what doesn’t work by experimenting with different approaches and strategies.

Business simulations address key career skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, and communication. These soft skills, are some of the most sought-after skills by corporations.   

University Delivery


Edcentral has the experience with the management and delivery of University courses. 

We can help with – 

• Integrating simulation and assessment software into your programme (undergrad and Postgrad) ;

• The delivery of the business simulations in the classroom; 

• Assistance of matching classroom delivery with your learning outcomes;

• Developing a range of assessments that measures the learning outcomes.

Business Simulation Software

Capsim has a variety of Business simulation software that range from introductory to advance. There is a simulation for every course.


CapsimCore is an easy-to-use and flexible business simulation that introduces students to fundamental business concepts.


Students put business theory into practice by making real-world decisions as they develop and implement their business strategies.


CapsimGlobal is a business simulation that focuses on the importance of strategic operational decision-making and how those decisions permeate across a company.

Assessment Software

Capsim has a variety of student assessment software that evaluates the students' knowledge and understanding. It is cost-effective, easy to administer, reliable, consistent and repeatable.


CapsimInbox is a simulated business email experience that measures key career skills with every reply.

Modular Exam

Capsim Modular-XM™ is a flexible exam that measures student learning outcomes and streamlines reporting for accreditation.


Comp-XM assesses students by measuring their capacity to apply what they have learned in their coursework.

Online Simulations

Capsim Inc.

Capsim Inc was founded in 1985 in Chicago, USA, to provide business simulations and assessment tools to support the needs of business education around the world.

Today Capsim software is used in over 800 Universities in the USA, and over 140,000 students per year. Many US Fortune 500 corporations use Capsim software products for the training and development of their high potential staff.

EDCentral has been a Capsim Affiliate since 2015 supporting Capsim Clients throughout Vietnam and SE Asia.