Strategic Business Management 

Successful business executives have a deep understanding of their customers, the operations of their business and a clear vision for the direction and objectives of the company.

This workshop provides you with the tools and techniques to turn this vision into a sustainable corporate strategy. You will learn about 5 key strategies often used by today’s businesses, and understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can best be executed by your company.

You will manage a virtual company in a very competitive business environment and you will gain valuable experience in making the necessary decisions in all departments of your company to ensure that your strategy is successfully aligned with the needs of the market. 


✶Learn the details of the key business strategies

✶Understand the complexities of formulating and implementing a business strategy

✶Learn how to implement each of these strategies into the operations your business

✶Learn how to read, analyse and use financial and management reports


✶Increase your confidence in your ability to understand and resolve business problems

✶Build a reputation as a strong strategic business leader

✶Learn how to apply your current knowledge to real-world situations 


✶Small classes allow more time with facilitator for 1-on-1 discussions

✶Use the latest online business simulations 

✶Practice your new skills in a realistic training environment

✶Receive immediate feedback on the progress of your learning

✶Workshop schedule is flexible to reflect your busy life


David Knock is an Australian CPA with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), a Masters of Applied Finance, and qualifications in TESOL and Tertiary Education.

David has over 30 years’ experience working in many industries including hospitality, vocational education, manufacturing, universities and Government.

Learn the fundamentals of strategic management including; understand the strengths and weaknesses of 5 essential strategies; how to develop a strategy and the tactics to support it; analyze the competition; develop cross-functional departmental integration; raising funds and pay debt, issue and redeem stock, borrow long or short term debt

21 hours Face time

Target Audience
Working professionals, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs  

Workshop Language
(Vietnamese Language supported)

Device Required (Laptop Preferred)

Flexible (weeknights or weekends)

Course Documentation
User Guide
Workshop handouts

Capsim Certificate of Participation


6.500.000VND per person
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