Your Soft Skills

This workshop will allow you to assess your current level of key soft skills by using an online digital case study.

You will face real-world situations that will require you to make realistic decisions to solve realistic problems. The quality of your responses will provide you with critical feedback on the current level of 5 key soft skills – Organizing, Leading, Problem Solving, Initiating and Communications.

This feedback will allow you to build a personalized Independent Development Plan (IDP) so you can make necessary improvements to your skills.


 ✶ Gain a clear understanding of your current level of soft skills

✶ Understanding what soft skills need to be improved

Create a IDP for yourself to improve these areas of need.


✶ Identifies your strengths and weaknesses 

✶Flexible delivery to reflect your busy life

✶ An intuitive, fun and engaging learning experience.


✶Online skills evaluation with immediate feedback 

✶Practical, real-world examples

✶Convenient, efficient and affordable

Introduction to Soft Skills and why they are so essential ; Build your own Independent Development Plan; How to improve your soft skills'

Skills measured in the online evaluation include
Initiating, Problem Solving, Organizing, Leading, Communicating.

3.5 hours 

Target Audience
Anyone wanting to understand their level of soft skills

Workshop Language
(Vietnamese Language supported)

Device Required (Laptop Preferred)

Flexible and on-demand

Course Documentation
Independent Development Plan

60 Minutes, Online


1.400.000.VND per person
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